A Handy Little Device

(no it's not pink and it doesn't vibrate!)

Part of sharing how to build an online business, and different marketing techniques, is about the tools that you can use to assist you.

I’m always a fan of keeping the number of tools you use to a minimum, particularly any that have a subscription fee.

Obviously the less you can keep your monthly expenditure down, the more profit you make.

However, sometimes we have to use tools, and that’s fine.

Today I’m going to show you inside a tool I’ve just got my hands on and am very impressed with.

Especially since it only costs six bucks at the moment!

If you just want to go ahead and grab it, then you can use this link:


Yes, if you get it then I’ll make a small commission. If you’ve got an issue with that then you’ll need to Google it and go find the link somewhere else.

What this nifty Wordpress plugin does, is to allow you to post images on Facebook that link to another page.

That’s pretty neat on it’s own.

But we’re not interested in neat!

We’re interested in the online hustles that are going to generate us an income. And it’s one other feature about this plugin that I particularly like. It will generate viral traffic for you if you have thirty minutes to post 4-6 pictures a day on Facebook.

You don’t need to be good at creating pictures, they show you how to make them super-fast with no experience.

Anyway… enough waffling, I made a video showing you around it and why I think it’s worth every cent of the six dollars.

(assuming it’s not increased by the time you get to the website)

You can check out the video here:

And you’ll have to excuse me, there’s a fact that must be faced…

…I like to talk!

Can’t get away from it, as anybody who’s met me can confirm.

I inherited it from my mum and grandma, both of whom always tell me I can out-talk them with no issue.

May be true, may not be, but one thang’s for sure… I can talk :D

Which means that in my videos I have tendancy to chat. If you don’t like that then don’t watch it.

Oh yeah, and if you liked watching the video, leave me a comment on the newsletter or YouTube letting me know, if they’re popular I’ll make more videos, heck I may even just talk to the camera and share with you my thoughts sometimes rather than write them.

Connect with me here, YouTube or Twitter (https://twitter.com/mikeywilding) to let me know.

Here’s that link again if you want a super Wordpress plugin for six bucks:




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