Uhhm, who the feck is this!

(what the hell happened in the last year?)

Hey, it’s Michael Wilding, and it’s been one hell of a long time since I last wrote an email to you.

I’ve sure as heck missed writing to you, but sometimes other things in life have to take over.

In my case it was two children, both with a brain condition, a lot of hospital stays, two businesses and a house to restore. More on all that later.

But, I’m back, pumped, and am about to break the online hustle wide open with my new newsletter… Michael Wilding’s Online Hustle.

It’s gonna be pretty informal, pretty rude, and strip the online world of making money bare ass naked.

Every week, Tuesday to Friday at 10:30am PT, I’m going to be sending out an email which looks at what it really takes to be an onlinepreneur, bringing the true online hustle to your inbox.

Having built three successful online companies, one still owned by me with over 238,000 readers, consulted and worked with some of the best out there, and doing my damnest to de-risk every monetary cost in my life (i.e. never have to worry about bills again), I’m going to share my journey, the lessons I’ve learned, the bullshit I’ve learnt to stay away from, what’s working, what’s not, what’s hot and how the hell you can hustle your way to the top.

Tuesday’s email will be open to all folk, but Wednesday to Friday is just for those who get all balls access for a wacking $5 per month!

However, if you’re still reading this email, I’d like to give you a months access for free for being a previous reader of my newsletters, and one of the people who’s supported me over the years.

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I’ve made the decision to use Substack to send these emails, that means you can interact with them on the website, so please do. Tell me if you like what you’re reading, what you’ve heard online, the latest crackpot launch you want me to break apart, and anything else that comes into your mind.

Let’s get this hustle started…


The Online Hustle